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The 12th Amendment

The 12th amendment of the Constitution is the changed policy of the electoral process. The twelfth amendment was ratified in 1804. The constitution said, the candidate who finished second in the voting process would become president. The Twelfth Amendment allows the same political party to win the elections for President and Vice President. Today the electoral process decides who wins by electoral votes from each state.

The vice president and the president are now on separate ballots. This means when you go to vote for president you then also vote for vice president. Now a candidate can decide to run for president or vice president instead of having the second place winner for president become the vice president. A country that doesn’t have this amendment is Syria because they don’t have a say in who they want to rule their country. This is very unfortunate for the people of Syria because they have a dictator that took away their freedom to be able to vote for the ruler of their country.The twelfth amendment is still applicable today because we still use the changed electoral process when we are voting for the new president and vice president.