Jack S and Sam A

The 25th amendment essay

1. This amendment was very important because it is the line of succession. A orderly transfer of power. This amendment was made because of John F. Kennedy's assassination. We did not have orderly power when he was killed so they made the line of succession and it was necessary. The line goes like this, Vice President- Speaker of the House, Senate Pro Temp- Secretary of State- Secretary of Treasury. This gives us power in order fashion.

2. One place that does not have the line of succession is England. This is important because they dont have power in and orderly way. If there king is dead, what will they do in such a short time. This was a problem because they dont have the same orderly power as we do. Something could happen to their king and things wont run as smoothly.

3. This is important today because we still have power in order In case something happens to the president. If something like John Kennedy happened again, we have power in a nice clean way. The vice president is the president of the senate, and if the president is killed, he has to jobs to do plus being the next president. This is in a nice formal order which I think every country in the world should have. That's why I think this amendment is important.